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Organic Carrots (51%), Organic Golden Flax (13%), Organic Sprouted Sesame Seeds (13%), Organic Sprouted Sunflower Seeds (9%), Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds (7%), Organic Brown Flax (6%), Sea Salt, Parsley (0.5%) & Dill (0.5%)


Vegan ~ Raw Food ~ Grain Free ~ Sprouted ~ Paleo ~ Handmade with Love

Made from 51% Organic Veggies   Our Raw Food crackers are Gluten Free & are made from Organic Veggies & Sprouted Seeds & then dehydrated at a low temperature to maximize nutrition in every bite !  5 Flavors to choose from!

Why eat Raw food ? Food that is heated more than 46 degree celsius, loosed its natural digestive enzymes & its nutritional minerals. Eating raw foods helps to fuel us with high powered nutition .

Why eat Sprouted Seeds ?

The sprouting process awakes the seeds and releases the nutrients, activates the enzymes and neutralizes the hard acids found in all seeds and grains. This process helps to digest and absorb vital nutrients. Sprouting reduces about 50% fat and 25% calories and increases protein up to 30% in our food

raw Crackers ~ Garden


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