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חמאות אגוזים ~ כל הטעמים
שוקולד רואו שורשי ציון

לקוחות יקרים

נצא לחופשת סוכות החל מה-29.09.23

ונחזור לפעילות רגילה ב-08.10.23

כל ההזמנות שנקבל לפני 28.09.23 עד שעה 12:00

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כל ההזמנות לאחר יום זה יישלחו כשנחזור לפעילות, חג שמח

About us

We at Shoreshei Tzion aim to provide high quality healthy foods with a high nutritional value and freshness to preserve their organic  properties.

All of our products are handmade without heating or cooking and are produced in small quantities with a lot of attention and love.



Organic       Raw        Sprouted        Vegan        Grain Free

All Orders over 300 nis receive Free Shipping straight to your home!

*300 nis after discounts

Raw & Sprouted Foods

Why Eat Raw Food?


Foods heated above 46 degrees Celsius loose their natural enzymes & their nutrients. Eating live food allows easy digestion, absorption of nutrients and contributes to the strength and energy of the whole body.

Why Eat Sprouted Seeds


The sprouting process illuminates the seeds and releases the nutrients, activates the enzymes and neutralizes the hard acids found in all seeds and grains. This process helps to digest and absorb vital nutrients. Sprouting reduces about 50% fat and 25% calories and increases the protein up to 30% in our food.

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שוק האיכרים נמל ת"א 

רוב ימי שישי

יום שישי 8:00-14:30

שוק הנמל 12 ת"א

Shoreshei Tzion

Hatzaba 3, Bet Shemesh

Sun-Thurs 9:00-16:00

02 - 571 - 6237

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