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חופשת פסח

כל ההזמנות שנקבל עד יום רביעי 17.04.24 בשעה 9:00, ישלחו לפני שיוצאים לחופשת פסח שלנו

כל ההזמנות שנקבל לאחר מכן ישלחו כשנחזור לפעילות ב-30.04.24  

בתקופה מאתגרת זו

אנו מודים לכל אחד ואחת על התמיכה שלכם בעסקים ישראליים קטנים כמו שלנו

בזכות הקניה שלכם

אתם מאפשרים המשך תמיכה כלכלית בתעסוקה

ומוצרים ישראליים


During this challenging time

we thank each and everyone of you for your support of small Israeli-owned businesses like us 

Thru your support, you are continuing the economic support of Israeli workers

& Israeli produced goods. 

Thank you to each and everyone of you 

About us

At Shoreshei Tzion we believe that every bite of food is

a celebration of life, love, and health.

At the heart of our mission is a passion for promoting a balanced and nourishing lifestyle without compromising on flavor. 

We believe that eating should be a delightful experience that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also fuels your body with wholesome goodness to nourish your body.

Whether you follow a Grain-Free, Vegan, Keto, or Paleo lifestyle, our diverse product line that is Handmade in Israel, ensures that there's a delicious and health-conscious option for everyone.

Our extensive range of foods is thoughtfully crafted with love & positive intention using the finest natural ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. 

We understand the importance of mindful eating, and that's why our snacks are free from artificial preservatives, additives, and unnecessary sugars. 

We are a family-owned business that only wants

the best nourishing foods for our family and for yours.

Join us on a journey towards better eating choices that not only taste good but also make you feel good.  We invite you to a world where wholesome ingredients from nature meets delicious, and where every bite is a step towards a healthier you.


Organic       Raw        Sprouted        Vegan        Grain Free

שורשי ציון קרקרים ללא דגנים ללא קמח
שורשי ציון שוקולד קקאו נא אורגני סחר הוגן

All Orders over 300 nis receive Free Shipping straight to your home!

*300 nis after discounts

Raw & Sprouted Foods

Why Eat Raw Food?


Foods heated above 46 degrees Celsius loose their natural enzymes & their nutrients. Eating live food allows easy digestion, absorption of nutrients and contributes to the strength and energy of the whole body.

Why Eat Sprouted Seeds


The sprouting process illuminates the seeds and releases the nutrients, activates the enzymes and neutralizes the hard acids found in all seeds and grains. This process helps to digest and absorb vital nutrients. Sprouting reduces about 50% fat and 25% calories and increases the protein up to 30% in our food.

שורשי ציון גרנולות
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Tel Aviv Port Farmers Market 

Shoreshei Tzion

Most Fridays

Friday 8:00-14:30

12 Hamanal Market, Tel Aviv

Hatzaba 3, Bet Shemesh

Sun-Thurs 9:00-16:00

02 - 571 - 6237

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