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שמנים אורגנים
שמנים אורגנים

Organic Essential Oils

The source of organic essential oils is from medicinal plants that have met high requirements in terms of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetic engineering, therefore they are healthier and less toxic


Because essential oils are such a high concentration of plant material, if the oil aTeri is not organic, you also get a high level of any fertilizers or pesticides that were sprayed or used during the growing of the plants

In addition, organic essential oils usually have a stronger smell and provide a purer and higher level of plant materials that provide a higher level of aromatherapy and healing applications.


Our organic essential oils Coming from the world's best growers, wild pickers and custom distillers of essential oils, absolutes and carbon dioxide extracts. Our organic oils offer a spectrum of virgin aromatics, extracted from organic or wild plants grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticide sprays. The uses of essential oils are endless:


Improve your mood

Improve work performance by reducing stress and increasing attention

 Improve sleep

 Kill bacteria, fungi and viruses

 Reduced anxiety and pain

 Reduced inflammation

 Reduce nausea

 Relieve headaches

  Improve skin conditions from wrinkles to acne

 And more and more

שמנים אורגנים
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